Plenary sessions speakers

Marc Dechamps

Solvay BSEM

Marc Dechamps is a biologist with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry dating…

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Benjamin Mertens

Lys Medical

Benjamin Mertens graduated as a civil engineer in biomedical engineering from the Université…

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Paolo Cardile


Paolo Cardile has a MSc in Physics and a Ph.D. in Nanoscience (University…

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Olivier Cartiaux

ECAM Brussels

Olivier Cartiaux graduated as a civil engineer in mechatronics from UCLouvain in 2005.…

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Julien Penders


Julien Penders is co-founder and COO at Bloomlife, an award-winning women’s health company…

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Henk Joos

Silver Arrow

After a PhD in genetics in the renowned AgBiotech Research Department of Prof.…

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Sophie Liénart


Sophie Liénart is a senior project coordinator and advisor for healthtech companies at…

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Nico Van Tichelen


Nico Van Tichelen is co-founder and managing director of Palatine BV, a life…

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Roel Smolders


Roel Smolders is Business Development and Services Director at MEDVIA, the Flemish cluster…

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Marianne Ghyoot


Marianne Ghyoot has over 30 years’ experience in the life sciences combining experiences…

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Diane Lejeune

Intressa Vascular

A pharmacist, PhD and MBA, Diane has built an end-to-end expertise in the…

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Paul-Louis Belletante


Former serial-entrepreneur, Paul-Louis is now leading the strategy at Resilience. With its MDR class…

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Tom Braekeleirs


Tom Braekeleirs is a former corporate executive who became an entrepreneur and an…

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Steve Eglem

Federal Agency of Medicines and Health Products

Steve Eglem holds a biomedical degree from the University of Mons which was…

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Lien Callens


As a tech-enthusiast Lien is captivated by new innovations and joined imec.xpand in…

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Annick Houbrechts


Annick has a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Liège. After holding…

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Caroline Sage


Caroline is an experienced professional, combining experience in academia, pharmaceutical industry and medical…

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Amel Tounsi

Bridge 2 Health

Amel is a scientist with Immunology and cellular biology background, experienced in cell…

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Steven Vandeput


Steven Vandeput holds a master degree in Electrical Engineering and a PhD in…

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Break-out sessions speakers

Dr. Geofrey De Visscher

SGS Belgium

Dr. Geofrey De Visscher, a seasoned professional with a PhD and MBA, currently…

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Dr. Oskar Köhler


My name is Oskar Köhler, and I have a PhD in Chemistry from…

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Nabil Riahi


Nabil Riahi holds a Master’s degree in Health Products Marketing and has 13…

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Alessia Frabetti

Kiwa Cermet Italia

BD in Biology addressing physiopathology topics and PhD in Architectural technology working on…

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Arnaud Dorchies


Arnaud Dorchies is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in…

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Dr. Albert Roossien


Dr. Albert Roossien is Regulatory Lead BSI Notified Body NL (NB 2797). He…

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