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Yves Berquin

Co-Founer, Matrix Requirements

About Matrix Requirements:
Matrix Requirements offers MatrixALM and MatrixQMS:
MatrixALM is a software solution that helps bridging the gap between agile development and an up-to-date and correct technical file for medical devices
MatrixQMS helps startups to quickly create and maintain a quality system they understand

Matrix Requirements products were developed from the ground up to be used by the whole team to manage all documentation needed for CE/FDA compliant product development and quality systems. They integrate tightly with project management and issue tracking software like Atlassian’s JIRA. The easy-to-use and flexible interface allows to manage all data required to produce the documentation for audits and certifications including the technical file (e.g. with requirements, specifications, test definitions, test executions, and risks with a complete traceability and audit log) as well as the quality system (with procedures, work instructions, CAPAs, etc).

Key functions:

  • Requirement management
  • Risk management
  • Test management
  • Traceability
  • Technical documentation including electronic signatures
  • Management of versions and variations of products
  • QMS


Matrix Requirements Introduction

Location Einstein ABC Room Start / end time 11:25 am to 11:30 am