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Wim Vos

CEO, OncoRadiomics

Wim Vos is the CEO of OncoRadiomics, a Liege based spin-off of the University of Maastricht. OncoRadiomics provides decision support towards pharmaceutical companies (in clinical drug development) and clinicians (in clinical practice) in the field of oncology. Its patented technology extracts information from clinical images to provide diagnostic, prognostic and detailed follow up information of patients suffering from cancer. Before joining OncoRadiomics Wim was co-founder of FLUIDDA where he initially lead the technical development team and was afterwards responsible for the global commercial activities. He holds a MSc in aerospace engineering from TU Delft (NL) and a PhD in physics from the university of Antwerp (BE).


Software as Medical Device

Location Einstein A Room Start / end time 4:30 pm to 5:15 pm

Nowadays, a stand-alone software being a mobile or web application can qualify as a medical device. This workshop will focus on the specificities of such products and the regulatory pathway to be CE marked and FDA cleared.

Through concrete cases, Software Medical Devices manufacturers will share their experience and lessons learned.