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Paolo Cardile

Business Development Manager, KULeuven

Paolo Cardile has a MSc in Physics and a Ph.D. in Nanoscience (University of Catania, Italy). In 2016 he was co-founder of Indigo Diabetes NV, a spin-off company of Ghent University and imec. He built then a strong track record in designing, developing and manufacturing an implantable medical device for diabetes management, as well as an extensive knowledge about MDR and its implications.
In 2021 he joined the Spin-offs & Innovation Unit of KU Leuven Research & Development as a Business Development Manager, guiding researchers and professors in identifying the best valorisation trajectories for their innovative technologies, but also incubating and developing life science and medical technology-oriented spin-offs and coaching the teams in their spin-off journey.
Currently he is also a board member in KU Leuven spin-offs.

About KU Leuven Research & Development:

The Spin-off & Innovation Unit of KU Leuven Research & Development (also known as LRD) supports researchers in transforming their innovative ideas and technologies into new and promising high-tech companies, helping to deploy a business plan, to validate the market, to put together a strong team and to support the growth of the spin-off companies.

Ever since its inception, more than 50 years ago, LRD has strived to translate ideas and innovation into concrete applications that serve economy and society. Numerous products and services, deeply rooted in the strong science base created by KU Leuven scientists, are being used by people in their daily lives. All generated spin-off companies have attracted more than 1.5 bn euro investment capital.


Exploitation of innovation from academia

Location Einstein ABC Room Start / end time 9:30 am to 9:50 am

With the quality of Belgium academic research groups, there is no wonder very innovative start ups found their origin as spin offs of universities.

Through this panel session, we will see some examples of how academic research can lead to practical applications in the field thanks to the intervention of two entrepreneurs and technology transfer office representatives of two universities.

Together, we will reflect on how to further encourage and accelerate the emergence of innovative spin offs and how to best support them at a very early stage, when it comes to IP protection, financing or defining the business case.