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Leen Broeckx


Leen Broeckx holds a Master’s Degree in Communication Sciences from Brussels University in Belgium. She has an additional Master Degree in Cultural Studies from Leuven University Belgium. She joined the LiCalab team in 2013 as Panel Manager.

LiCalab is a care living lab in Flanders, Belgium, embedded in the Thomas More University of Applied Science. LiCalab assists researchers and organisations in their care innovation by involving end users throughout the entire innovation chain. A new concept, product or service for care and wellbeing is being tested and validated together with end users in a real-life environment.

Together with her colleague Panel Manager she’s responsible for a panel of more than 1.000 patients and more than 400 caregivers and care organizations. In the past 6 years she’s passionate about human centered design. She follows trainings and workshops to improve her skills.

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Introduction to living lab principles

Location Einstein A Room Start / end time 2:30 pm to 3:15 pm

This workshop will focus on the importance of involving end users from the beginning of the innovation chain. The audience will get an overview of the main methods and techniques of human centered research and service design.