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Joseph Harfouche


The PeriKit, is a Belgian Idea, (European patent and worldwide patent pending) invented by Joseph Harfouche, PT, MS, PhD.

The PeriKit has been designed to take accurate and reproducible measurements (circumference / volume) on the limbs. It can be used in different fields: medical (Breast cancer lymphology, neurology, rehabilitation …) and health (sport, diet, …) in order to monitor the evolution and define programs accordingly.

Taking measurements is fully part of the treatment of lymphedema and it is a legal obligation (INAMI / RIZIV). Because it helps monitor and assess the edema in order to adapt the treatment, follow up the results and provide information to the medical team and to the healthcare insurance. Measurements can be saved using the PeriKit App then compared to previous ones and displayed in a graphic showing the evolution.

Compared to other measurements tools used on the market, PeriKit is able to take accurate and reproducible measures thanks to its patented elements, and it remains affordable. The PeriKit compete in accuracy with high tech devices that cost thousands of euros. Moreover, the PeriKit is more accurate on differentparts like hands, feet, fingers and toes. Besides, the digital version of Perikit can decrease the time needed to take the measurements as it records them automatically in the app or on the computer.

Thanks to the PeriKit, patients/sportsmen are from now on able to monitor their limb dimensions and volume and they can send the data to their therapist/coach who will help them making the good decision based on their result.

The PeriKit was awarded twice in Medical congresses: The Best Poster Price (European Society of Lymphology, Mulhouse 2016) and the First Price (International Lymph Framework, Rotterdam 2017).


The journey from the daily practice to the Perikit

Location Einstein ABC Room Start / end time 11:40 am to 12:00 pm