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Jonathan Schreiber

CEO and Co-Founder, Helpilepsy

While working as a business consultant in healthcare (for hospitals, pharma & public health), Jonathan saw first-hand the opportunities to improve healthcare by leveraging new technologies. With the compelling story, from one of his co-founders, of how difficult epilepsy care can be, he founded Helpilepsy three years ago.

About Helpilepsy:
Helpilepsy was founded in 2017, with the mission to empower people with epilepsy and improve the care of epilepsy (for people with epilepsy and the medical team). To achieve this, it leverages 4 technologies: data & sensors, digital tools, data engineering and behavioral science. The result is a CE-marked software medical device, consisting of a mobile app for people with epilepsy and a web dashboard for healthcare professionals.

It is now used across several countries, in several epilepsy centers, 90.000+ seizures were monitored, 500+ patients visits were supported and 1000+ treatments were compared.

Since 2019, with the demand arising from its users, it extended to other neurological disorders, beginning with headache, where it is being piloted in 6 hospitals.

Helpilepsy is actively looking to extend its team in all areas (technology, growth, quality). Feel free to contact them!


How to Finance Your Start-Up Business

Location Einstein B Room Start / end time 3:30 pm to 4:15 pm

As an entrepreneur, when you start and later grow your company, it sometimes feels like you’re drinking from the fire hose: There is a lot that is coming your way, and while you’re developing your product and setting up your sales & marketing plan you also need to make sure you have the funds to execute your strategy and build a sustainable business. In this workshop, we will explore the different fundraising strategies (equity and non-equity) for start-ups.

  • What is the best source of funding?
  • How do you combine the different funding options in the most optimal way?
  • What is the best moment to fundraise?
  • How do you keep control over your business and protect yourself as an entrepreneur?
  • When is the ideal moment to pitch your story?
  • What drives the valuation of my business?

We will go over pros & cons of different potential elements of the funding mix, take some time to dive deeper into the fundraising process, share some tips & tricks on how to prepare a solid story towards investors, and will shed light on different valuation methods for your business.

All of this will be looked at from three different but complementary perspectives. We will be sharing our experiences from imec.istart as the #1 European Tech Accelerator, and you will also get first-hand war stories from a startup – Helpilepsy – as well as a behind the scenes view from an investment fund manager.