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Prof Dr Eric Rompen, DDS, PhD


Specialist in Oral Rehabilitation and Oral Implantology
Extraordinary Professor, University of Liège: “Periodontology – Oral Surgery”
Head of the Department of Dental Medicine, CHU Liège, 1999-2018.
Author of numerous publications and international conferences

About Wishbone:

Wishbone s.a. is a biotech company which aims at developing superior bone graft substitute products,  through a breakthrough technology and innovative procedure, for use in the field of oral / dental bone regeneration.

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By clinicians for clinicians

Location Einstein ABC Room Start / end time 12:40 pm to 1:00 pm

It all started in December 2013. After 2 years of research and development supported by the Centre of Technological Resources in Chemistry, Certech (Belgium), the founders Eric Rompen, France Lambert and Geoffrey Lecloux together established Wishbone SA. Together with The Faktory, a private seed investment fund, incubator and accelerator based in Liège, Wishbone set up their production and process development facility in Flémalle.

The guiding light of the genesis of Wishbone is to design and fine-tune a high-tech recipe to extract and inactivate all proteins, including prions, from bovine bone, but which would preserve the highly osteoconductive micro and nano-topography of the natural bone.