Why the best time to start a business is as a student?

Einstein A March 20, 2019 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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Marie Van den Broeck
Louis-Philippe Broze
Florian De Boeck
Jessica Hakizimana

“Starting young is good, you can either learn through failing, like I did, or you can learn by being successful.” Richard Branson

Some young people choose not to wait until the end of their studies to use their education to start their own business. What motivates them ? Is it possible to conduct simultaneously learning and entrepreneurial activities? What are the biggest challenges they will face? Isn’t it more complex to launch a business in the medtech industry than in any other industry? Are students well enough prepared ? From whom do they get support and advices?

Marie Van den Broeck, founder of My Add On, will talk about her experience and the launch of her company during her Masters year Industrial Engineer Design.

Louis-Philippe Broze and Florian De Boeck, students and founders of Spentys, will take a look back at what they have been accomplishing for the last 2 years and share their experience as young entrepreneurs.

Jessica Hakizimana, Co-founder of UStart Belgium, will introduce the Belgium’s Largest Student Entrepreneurship Club and explain how they support young entrepreneurs.

Don’t miss this inspiring session!