Plenary Session

Value-Based Healthcare: reality or dream?

Einstein ABC March 20, 2019 -

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Ernesto M. Nogueira
Marnix Denys

Different factors have created a significant cost pressure in Healthcare, impacting all stakeholders involved. The traditional focus on price has not generated much positive results, as healthcare expenditures grow every year. Value-Based Healthcare proposes a new approach that prioritizes patient outcomes rather than volume or activities; however, what is blocking the adoption of such mechanisms? What are the real case examples of Value-Based Healthcare and their implications? And how can the medical technology industry foster Value-Based Healthcare?

In his talk, Ernesto M. Nogueira will answer these questions and share his expertise in value-based healthcare. Then he will be joined by Marnix Denys, from beMedTech, for a round-table discussion about Belgian challenges and initiatives in value-based healthcare.

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