Plenary Session

How technology impacts our future health

Einstein ABC March 20, 2019 10:15 AM - 10:30 AM

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Liesbet Lagae
Sebastian De Boer

Hyper-personalization will radically impact patients’ lives, changing the landscape of the entire healthcare system, from disease prevention to interception, from novel and personalized drug delivery methods to regulatory approval, from patient engagement apps to the augmented human – where the smart device and personalized data can reconstruct the quantified self and therefore allowing for more patient-centric treatments. The enormous amount of possibilities requires a complete value chain where technology providers, software and big data companies, clinicians and the medical world closely interact and innovate together. Imec is at the forefront of these disruptive innovations and will give you a flavor of where we are heading. Next to that, specific examples will be shown in the areas where imec is active: going from chip design to system design, application building and testing in a real life environment. Are you ready to embrace this?