VIPUN Medical

VIPUN Medical, a spin-off from the Leuven University, is developing a unique stomach monitoring system enabling physicians to continuously and accurately monitor stomach function, in order to allow making smart decisions about the mode, timing, and speed of medical nutrition.

Monitoring stomach function is especially important at the intensive care and post-operative wards. These patients are often fed through nasogastric feeding tubes, and undetected stomach malfunction often leads to feeding intolerance, malnutrition and more severe complications, causing a longer hospital stay. Currently, without the possibility to accuratly monitor stomach function, clinicians initiate nutritional support In a trial-and-error fashion, often disregarding international guidelines and increasing chance of complications. The VIPUN Gastric Monitoring System, consists of a novel feeding tube with integrated intragastric balloon and a monitoring unit, and continuously tracks stomach function, offering the hospital staff to adjust their medical nutrition strategy to the individual patient status.

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Nico Van Tichelen
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