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RESCOLL an innovative SME provides services in R&D, analysis and characterization and manufacturing in healthcare (composites, resins, adhesives, varnish, coatings, etc.) and related fields (composite biomaterial, regenerative material, resorbable and non resorbable implant and smart surface treatments).
In order to better provide a targeted response to its partners and customers in the healthcare sector, RESCOLL has a dedicated unit, RESCOLL Medical. RESCOLL specialist teams offer global Testing, Development and Manufacturing solutions.

RESCOLL strives to offer cutting edge solutions to its clients, backed by the best new technologies and biomaterials. It has established a platform for transforming these materials, and implements high-tech processes such as additive manufacturing and electrospinning to achieve these goals.
Rescoll is ISO 9001, ISO 13485, COFRAC (ISO 17025) in the field of materials and chemistry.
RESCOLL Manufacturing (ISO 13485) specialized in machining technical pieces for prototyping or volum manufacturing.


Konstantin Sipos

Director at RESCOLL Manufacturing