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Do you have an idea for an intelligent system in the medical field? Are you passionate about MedTech and want to innovate in this field? Quimesis, your medical devices designer subcontractor, would be delighted to discuss your project with you! Quimesis is committed to provide a high level of quality for all range of services and products that are compliant with the regulatory requirements. Quimesis will support you in the development of your ideas and help you turn your project into a medical device. Our design office is particularly sensitive to innovative ideas that use technology to help save lives!

Our electronics design office  is committed to a Quality Assurance program compliant with international standard EN ISO 13485: 2016. Our Quality Management System covers the design and development of electromechanical medical device, including printed circuit assemblies, electromechanical  assemblies and embedded  software, for use in electromechanical medical devices. Our team, made up of experts in three fields: mechanics, electronics and programming, offer you their technical expertise throughout the product design and realization process.

Increasingly, medicine is adopting new technologies to treat patients, prevent danger and disease, and improve patients’ daily lives. Tomorrow’s medicine will be MedTech, or it won’t be! Technological advances are opening up a whole new dimension in the medical world: intelligent, connected medical objects, robotized medical devices, prevention and data feedback systems, 3D prostheses, implants and recreated organs, new-generation treatments… Thanks to technology, medical advances are breathtaking. D’ont wait to contact us for our services if you share the same vision.


Lionel Convent