p-heal’s mission is to improve the medication compliance and therapeutic follow-up of people suffering from chronic diseases.

p-heal is the “IoT” version of the traditional pillbox, which ensures a much more effective follow-up of daily medication intake. P-Heal alerts the patient with a warning light when it is time to take their treatment(s). It then automatically detects medication intakes using its sensors, which measure weight variations. Each action is recorded in the mobile application. The pillbox then facilitates monitoring and information sharing and sends an alert to the patient’s relatives in case he forgets.

p-heal creates a real therapeutic collaboration between the patient, his family and health professionals. An innovative solution to assess objectively the effectiveness of treatments and ensure good results. Please visit our website www.p-heal.com for more information.

Visit p-heal website.

Nicolas Dembour, Managing Director
+32 474 50 42 97