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GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg

GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg


As an independent neutral not-for-profit organization, GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg brings together organizations such as hospitals, drugstores, supermarket and their suppliers and logistics service providers. By offering companies global standards for identification, as well as for capturing and sharing data, GS1 Belgilux is committed to a more efficient supply chain.
The use of GS1 standards in healthcare increases patient safety, drives supply chain efficiencies and improves the traceability of medicines and medical devices (UDI), as well as the prevention of medicines counterfeiting. GS1 is also accredited as Issuing Agency for Unique Device Identification (UDI). GS1’s mission is to support healthcare’s digital transformation for better patient outcomes. Safer, more efficient care starts with a simple scan.


Patrick Ponsaerts

Manager Healthcare