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FibriCheck is the world’s first medically certified app capable of the early detection of heart rhythm disorders such as atrial fibrillation using nothing but an app on your smartphone or smartwatch. Simply place your finger on your smartphone’s camera for 1 minute and FibriCheck immediately produces an accurate analysis of your heart rhythm thanks to its built-in medical software with artificially intelligence.

FibriCheck has been granted the CE mark as a medical device and has also been approved in the US by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As such, the medical solution has earned the trust of doctors and researchers across the globe. FibriCheck has more than 130,000 users in Belgium, the Netherlands, UK, Germany, Italy and Spain. The innovative app may be sold throughout the European Union and, thanks to its approval by the FDA, FibriCheck is now also ready to be launched on the American market.


Lars Grieten