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Mechano-compatibility is an essential property of any biomedical implant, synthetic or tissue-engineered. Flanders Institute for Biomechanical Experimentation (FIBEr) is a core facility of KU Leuven with expertise on the mechanical and microstructural characterization of biological tissues and biomedical products.

Our portfolio of devices and expertise is unique in Europe and allows biomechanical testing of a wide range of products using state-of-the-art methods. We are actively working on standardization of the complete workflow, including aspects such as tissue preservation, traceability, and measurement uncertainty.
FIBEr’s experienced researchers will help you to choose the best set-up and testing protocol for your problem. Thanks to our collaboration with the university hospital, we can test on human and animal tissues and work together with experienced medical doctors.
We test what is vital for you!


Adriana Wilmots

Business Developer