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Comunicare Solutions SA is a spin-off of the university of Liege. The company develops COMUNICARE, a software solution that enables a better communication between patients and caregivers by enforcing patient education and therapeutic compliance. The solution leverages on a mobile application for patients and their entourage to provide data analytics to caregivers based on patient reported outcomes. COMUNICARE is the ideal solution for patient support programs and quality of life in the context of chronic diseases. The first pilot projects are carried in oncology and cardiology at the University hospital of Liège and the University hospital Saint-Pierre of Brussels.

COMUNICARE aims at putting the patient at the heart of his care. At Comunicare Solutions, we believe patients should be empowered along the care pathway and we strive to provide the tools to enable patient self-efficiency by contributing to maintain positive health behaviours despite of the disease.

In that respect, a patient-centric approach is put in place to provide true means for patient literacy and empowerment. On one side, the mobile application gives personalized information to patients on their care journey, especially care agenda, didactic texts and videos, description of possible adverse effects, and recommendations for a better quality of life. The application generates smart notifications to ensure patient compliance (e.g., recall of consultations and intake of home medication). On the other side, patients are encouraged to report regularly their outcomes, their vitals, their symptoms and their experience, so as to enable a better evaluation of the therapy and proactive care.

Both formal and informal caregivers are involved via COMUNICARE to contribute to the patient healing. Formal caregivers, healthcare professionals, are able to measure patient compliance and detect risk situations using COMUNICARE data analytics and dashboards while informal caregivers, family and relatives, are given the means to better support the patient with COMUNICARE care companion tools for information sharing and daily routine organization.

COMUNICARE is a flexible solution that enables healthcare organizations to create and deliver their own content according to the clinical pathways and to collect the desired patient outcomes via a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, thus reducing IT costs and valuable healthcare resources whilst enhancing patient experience and quality of care.


Rim Homsy

Project manager & Business Consultant

Alfred Attipoe