brussels medical device center


Brussels Medical Device Center (BMDC) is a platform between passionate medical doctors and engineers working in partnership to develop innovative medical devices. We aim to co-create a dynamic, offering everyone technical solutions for innovative healthcare.

Our principal missions are:
• The creation of less invasive devices in all aspects of healthcare, for any patient;
• The design of new instruments as long as they improve the outcome of patients;
• The development of safe and efficient processes to go straight from ideas to patients;
• The active involvement to the local development of dynamic MedTech valleys.

Our facilities, convivial environment and quality management system enhance creativity in the development of medical devices. Focused on the patient, BMDC is going, from the idea to human use, through essential steps of conception: brainstorming, design, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, tests, clinical studies and market access.

As a nonprofit, our financial returns are re-invested in the center’s development and in societal projects unattractive for commercial companies. In this way, BMDC contributes to the treatment of patients suffering of rare diseases that do not currently have effective solutions.

With strong entrepreneurial spirit, BMDC takes part in the industrial development of the Brussels Region relying on a wide hospital network. Our aim is to bridge the gap between medical doctors and industry by materializing doctors’ needs.

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Nicolas Cauche, CEO
+32 (0)2 555 44 83

Meet BMDC’s team on March 22, 2018 in the exhibition area !